Sunday, November 07, 2004

4 Months Just Passed?!!

Huh... Almost 4 complete months have past since the last time I posted to this. Obviously, things have been hectic. The Cancer Portal has been back burnered for immediate deliverable work. But, I do plan on getting something going on this before the end of the year. It's not going to be easy, but I've got to try.

Working hard in Central 1.5 for some clients now. Two projects are currently under way. I've had to bag the idea of using the Agent on one of them. It became too confusing with the way data was being managed. Decided to use a dataMgr class and a dataProviderMgr Class instead. I was able to get stuff to work that way. I've noticed that the performance of 1.5 on a 'real' machine - not the dog I have at the office - seems to be acceptable... I'm judging on the 933 G4 at home... It looks good! Even snappy I'd say!

Through the end of the month I'll be focused on this stuff. Hopefully, by December, I'll have started to carve together the plan for the Portal. Sounds stupid, but I just watched the latest edition of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the good that those people do has again inspired me to regain focus... whatever it takes right?

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