Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft's Surface

Hmm. Very interesting stuff. Seems as though Microsoft has hired a few people away from Apple to scheme up this one. Overall, the execution looks fantastic! Kudos to MSFT for that. But, we were talking about it over lunch and it seems that the model has only one point of distribution - restaurants. Where else are you going to be sitting down to use a table for any length of time? You couldn't use it for an extended period - sitting looking down all day will kill your neck I would think. And, you couldn't mount it on a wall. You'll loose half of the functionality of placing things on it like they do in the demo.

A photography studio could benefit from it by using it for a client presentation. But, I couldn't see working all day at one. I would expect that only the largest studio's would be able to afford it until the price point comes down.

We're currently doing some work in the gaming industry and this seems like it would be a nice application for use there. Again, the table top is a bit awkward unless your at a bar or restaurant though... Very nicely done, none the less. I can't wait to see how it gets used in the real world.

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