Monday, November 10, 2008

Woohoo! Adobe MAX Awards Chrysler wiTech AIR app

Joe Johnston of Universal Mind forwarded a link to me the other day regarding the Adobe MAX Awards for 2008. One of the finalists in the contest for the RIA category is an application that Joe, Christian Saylor, Tim Todish, Grant Carmichael, Mike Kopchick and I worked on back in the day - Chrysler's wiTech Auto Diagnostic AIR application. Our team worked with the team at Atomic Object on the original proof of concept as well as a good portion of the final build.

This application was built to display the diagnostics of a vehicle when the mechanic hooks the car up to the 'computer'. Joe, Tim, Christian, Grant, Mike and I worked on this back when we were all at Knoware. Jim Mitchell was our point person over at Chrysler when we worked on this app. Congrats to Jim and the Chrysler crew for all the hard work on the completed app!

Big props to Joe, Christian, Tim, Grant, Mike and the AO crew for all their work on the app - since the original team is nowhere to be seen in the award entry on the MAX site... bummer!

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