Wednesday, May 20, 2009

XD with Flash Catalyst and Flex Gumbo at 360Flex Indy

Well, 360Flex Indianapolis is over. It was a great conference! This was my first 360 conference that I attended. A big, giant shout of thanks to Tom and John for all their efforts on the 360 Conferences! It's really a wonderful event that any serious Flex or Flash developer should attend. Most of the sessions were quite technical but very approachable.

Joe Johnston, Francisco Inchauste (both of UniversalMind) and I spoke on Experience Design topics and were all very well received. We weren't sure if the Flex Developers attending would appreciate the topics, but it seemed that they did! Each of us had close to 50 attendees in each of our presentations! I think Joe topped the lot of us with a standing room only preso at 8:30 am on day 2... He gets the attendee award!

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