Thursday, June 14, 2007

Adobe MAX 2007 Site Live

Adobe has made live it's MAX 07 site for the public to consume. We're excited and hopeful that this years MAX conference will be an improvement over last years. I'm not sure if it was the venue or the speakers but we here at Knoware didn't get a lot out of it. It's unfortunate because we really enjoyed and were energized by MAX 05 in Anaheim. That's the year that Flex made it's big splash and we were giddy with new ideas and inspiration.

The common opinion from the Knoware team for last year's event in Vegas was that it was rather weak. The speakers who were not Adobe or Macromedia personnel seemed to be giving sales pitches for their respective companies instead of giving us insight into the technology.

Ted Patrick is on the case though. He writes in his blog that he will be taking on a new role in promoting the conference. So I guess we can all blame Ted if things don't meet our expectations ;) We're looking forward to seeing you in Chicago Ted!

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Ted Patrick said...

Please hold me accountable, MAX 2007 will be the best yet!