Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Sneak Peeks at Flex 3

Ted Patrick enlightens us again to the upcoming Flex 3 release with today's sneak peek. He describes a fantastic feature of the new Flash Player 9 where the Framework libraries for Flex can be cached in the player. What this means for us is deploying unbelievably small applications - footprint wise - without having to embed the Framework in our swf's! Very cool.

"Flex 3 and 'FrogStar', codename release of Flash Player 9, adds support for caching the Flex Framework within the Flash Player. This feature is nothing short of a revolution for Flex applications deployed to Flash Player. Moving forward the Flex Framework will be cached within the Flash Player dramatically reducing the size of the output SWF files."

Ted On Flex: Flex 3 - Thursday: Dramatically Smaller Flex SWF Files

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