Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Widget' Article in the Wall Street Journal Relating to SeeSpotSlide

Today's edition of the Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the pervasiveness of 'widgets' in social networking sites. They define 'widgets' as a snippet of code (for us that's the Flash embed code) that is created on these aggregating sites and posted to social networking sites. It specifically points to Slide, RockYou and a few others we built SeeSpotSlide to 'compete' with. The article goes on to describe the inability for these services to publish advertising to the widgets, based on rules that have been put in place by MySpace and others.

"New data on viewing photos, videos and music on the Web may have an impact on the way advertisers and social networking sites perceive firms that help create this content. Nearly 177.8 million people world-wide viewed Web content in April made with online tools from companies that let people post photos, videos and music on other Web sites, according to data that Web-tracking firm comScore Inc. plans to release today."

'Widgets' May Snag More Ads -

ComScore has released new service today that tracks widget use across the web. In it, they report on the penetration numbers of widgets, where they originate, and where their audience is located. It demonstrates the importance of widgets to the advertiser community and can provide widget creators a means to promote the value of their services.

It seems then, that our concept was at least somewhat on target - create a service to generate slideshow widgets where an advertiser could have their ads placed and distributed. Now if we could just get a few more million people using it and get a couple of big advertisers on board...

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