Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Component and SDK Enhancements to Flex 3

Ted Patrick enlightens us to another day of sneak peeks within Flex 3 today. His focus: Components and SDK Enhancements. Some really nice stuff with an Advanced DataGrid component - I've already got some uses for that one - and the Deep Linking API. I'm not sure how the Deep Linking thing will be used but I have an idea or two on some test I'd like to try out.

Jump over to and check out the details.

"There are some wide ranging changes within the Flex SDK and components within Flex. These new classes/components/features include AdvancedDataGrid, new Collection classes, Deep Linking API (BrowserManager), Resource Bundles, Runtime Localization, and Container support in Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3. These features broaden the capabilities of Flex in providing deeper integration with AJAX, advanced visualization, and support for complex resource management/localization."

Ted On Flex: Flex 3 - Wednesday: Components and SDK Enhancements

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